• Stainless vs Aluminum
  • Pro Series vs Std
  • 3 Blade vs 4 Blade
  • Motor Position
  • Single vs Twin Setup
  • ​Weight Testiing

Prop Testing Services

Model:                         Premier 250 Intrigue  RL

Motor:                          Suzuki 300 Duel Prop

Prop:                            3*15*19

Our take:  Traction, Traction and More Traction. The Dual Prop is really hard to beat on a Tritoon!!!  We learned more than we thought on this motor than we thought we could!    The data shows that this motor can handle a heavy load very well. It also had the 2nd fastest top speed as well as the best speed with max weight!  If you boat with a full load and you need performance this might be the perfect motor for you!  like the Yamaha we saw the Suzuki Dual Props also have fuel economy in the lower range. As far as props we had some flexibility from Suzuki in going up or down pitch.  Depending on your conditions and number boat actives you could go from a 18P to 19P. Going above 19 we could not pull the RPM's needed to get ideal performance.

Step 1:  We tested Top Speed

Model:                         Premier 250 Solaris  RL

Motor:                          Honda 250 ist.

Prop:                            3*15 5/8 *16

Our Take:  Its a 250 that runs with 300's!!! Plus it is really good on gas! The Merc 250 is a very good motor.  Great all around performance.  Like the 300 MERC finding the right prop took us more time.  The MERC Provided 16P proved to be the best and handled the power. Where as on the 300HP it was the Solas Prop.  Under heavier loads we would like a different prop though as it is to have prop slip.  What surprised us the most was the fuel economy.  This was the one motor that matched the Honda.  Also, like the 300 Merc these motors are really quite when you are on the throttle.  If you are looking to stay out of the 300 price range we would suggest you check this motor out!

Twin 350 Setup the Premier Escalante!

In April we have the new Yamaha 300 Motors with Helm Master to Compare it too!

Performance Testing Center  - We test so you can decide.

Carefree Boat Sales is focused on getting the "BEST DATA" so we can help our customers make the best decision on which Motor and Prop Combination works for them.  We recently completed an official test session with Pontoon and Deck Boat Magazine, Premier Pontoons as well as all the Major Engine Brands.

We tested 12 identical Pontoons so that we could collect Test Data to share with our customers. What did we test?

  • 250 HP vs 250 HP:    HONDA 250 vs MERC 250
  • 300 HP vs 300 HP:    YAMAHA vs SUZUKI vs MERC
  • TWIN ENGINE:          500 vs 600 vs 700 HP

We also tested a wide variety of Props to get the BEST data on how to DIAL IN your Tritoon!

  • 3 Blade vs 4 Blade
  • Aluminum vs Stainless
  • Wide Variety of Diameters and Pitch Combinations 
  • Props with limited Cupping to A lot

Our Customers ask " What is the best motor?  What is the best prop for my boat?" What can I expect as far as performance?" .  That answer is not want customers expect.  We spend a lot of time asking "How" you plan to use your boat.  Watersports vs. Cruising?  Top Speed vs Fuel Efficiency."   We focus less on the Sticker on the The side of the motor and more on the unique attributes of each make and model.

More Test Data Coming From this Event: Stay Tuned in

Step 3:  We tested Fuel Economy - "Its all About Fuel Burn!"

Model:                         Premier 250 Intrigue  RL

Motor:                          Yamaha 300 DEC

Prop:                            3*15*15 5/8

Our Take:   Hole Shot.  We liked the Hole Shot.  This Motor has a great Hole Shot and Mid Range Performance Boat. It was hard to find a prop and selection was limited for this motor and size Tritoon. Going above a 15P we were not able to get to an ideal RPM range.  Below 15P and we would hit Rev Limit way to easy.   The 4 Blade also performed less than ideal.  Like we saw on all the Tritoons tested you need a prop with a lot of cupping to get maximize performance.  The fuel economy out of the 4 motors we saw the Yamaha have the lowest.   This was consistent under 2, 6 or 12 person loads.   We assume the performance comes at a cost.  You can’t win every category!

Step 2:  We test Acceraltion with 2 People, 6 people and the 12 people on board


Video - On Water Testing

It is Here.  Please Click on the Article to go to straight to Pontoon aND dECK bOAT mAGAZINE

Step 4:  We Tested on the Barrel Race Course!

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Snap Shot of the Test Data Collected

pONTOONs, pROPs, AND mOTORS WE TESTED  --- Read below for full details!

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We Tested and Compared Waterslide Boats

Twin Honda vs Twin Suzuki 300 DP

We Tested and Compared Waterslide Boats

Honda 250 vs DF300 Suzuki

Model:                         Premier 250 Intrigue  RL

Motor:                          Merc 300 V-8 DTS

Prop:                            3*15.5*17

Our Take:  We found our Top Speed King and its Super Quite!!! The new V-8 proved to be a top competitor plus the integrated steering is very responsive. This was the first time we got to test a Merc v-8 on a Premier.  We tried both Merc Props and Solas Props.  To our surprise the Aftermarket Props from Solas proved to be the best this day.  We had less prop slip and better top speed performance with them.  We felt this setup had a little more to give but we ran out of time. We even tried a Suzuki 16 inch diameter prop but it did not work very well. When the midrange power hits on this motor it is hard not to get a little prop slip. Its like it almost has too much power!   If you have a need for Speed .. this motor might be it!

Model:                         Premier 250 Solaris  RL

Motor:                          Honda 250 ist.

Prop:                            3*15 5/8 *16

Our Take: Honda held its own with the big boys.  Its reputation for amazing fuel economy, a quite ride, and easy to use performance held up. We found the Honda would run better "1 Hole Up".  With all the Boats we had we tried different hole positions to find the perfect spot to mount the motor.  Once we changed the mounting position, we picked up more speed and performance without affecting handling.   Several drivers commented that the power was very consistent and it was "easy to drive".  For the price (lowest of the group), amazing fuel economy, and proven reliability , the Honda continue to be a good choice.    

We also did a lot of testing on this unit with 4 Bade and 3 Blade setup ups.  The 4 Blade could not replicate the performance of the 3 prop setups.  The new Aluminum Double Cup Prop from Solas (http://www.solaspropellers.com/) proved to be a strong performer at a very economical price.